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Today I'm very happy because I'm giving my views about my favourite product from  my makeup vanity and that is colourful mascara COLORBAR Starry Blue Mascara.Eyes are the best part to enhance in makeup which make you look different .why always play safe with just black mascara we should now start experimenting with eyes also I'm a makeup junkie so I bought this starry blue mascara here are my true reviews.Earlier I'm using Maybelline Falsies Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara

Colorbar Starry Blue Mascara


This titillating colored mascara  comes in seductive shades of blue, green  and mauve, infused with pearls to instantly brighten your eyes.
These colored mascaras are way more chic and fashionable than ever before. When you put it right, colored mascara is a great way to lighten up your look, compliment your eye color and really make your eyes pop.
  • Highly pigmented shades
  • Lifts every lash for maximum volume
  • Water-proof and long-lasting

Colorbar Starry Blue Mascara


  • Brush from the base of the lashes to the tips in a zigzag upward motion
  • Repeat for the lower lashes in a zigzag downward motion.
  • Get the dramatic look


Colorbar Starry Blue Mascara


9ml for 650/-


It comes in usual other mascara's  small tube kind container with silver capped .

Colorbar Starry Blue Mascara


Earlier I was using Maybelline Falsies  VOLUM waterproof mascara than I was thinking to experiment more dramatic look.than I saw and liked this starry Mascara Range.
These Corbarbar Starry Eye Mascara's colour Range is having three shades :
Starry Blue
Starry Green
Starry Mauve

Colorbar Starry Blue Mascara

I spotted by Starry Blue Mascara I can't stop myself for buying this colourful mascara.From last few weeks I was searching colourful mascara and I can't wait to get from out of country so I spotted these colourful COLORBAR starry mascaras.All other two colors are also nice but this is very prompt easily visible color on your eyes so after looking into the three shades i choose this one blue mascara.

Colorbar Starry Blue Mascara

I saw all three shades but this starry blue mascara is very catchy for eyes it looks different seductive eyes.Ahemmmm Ahemmm 
I tried for parties  it never failed a single time trust me eyes look so catchy nobody can leave you by stare once and want to see can add more glam by applying eye shadow shades from Makeup Revolution's Mermaid vs Unicorn pallete with blue purple shades and trust me you'll rock.

Colorbar Starry Blue Mascara

Best tip to apply this is that apply from upper side of lashes than from inner side as well because we don't have blue eye lashes this is not are natural shade, to make prompt looking eyes ,lash should by fully covered with this starry blue shades from upper and lower side of eye lash.its good to wear in day and night both times.

Colorbar Starry Blue Mascara

Staying power is quite Awesome 6-7 hours fully waterproof as I've tried.Pigmentation is too good.
It's great gift from mermaids to makeup junkies like me .If someone is staring you ,so trust me beauties make the worth of starying .
While removing makeup it takes time to remove this mascara due to its waterproof nature.But this is a my favourite product so far.It doesn't stiff my eye lashes which I was little worried before applying.No irritatation no tingling on eyes .It gives to eye lashes tight hold on curles you can use Eye Lash Curles for more defined look.Because of creamy thick texture it takes time to dry .sometimes due to thick texture makes clumpy eyes but with eyelash comb that can be solved .For some of the people may find it pricy as in India people may be little hasitate to do this kind of experiments.

Colorbar Starry Blue Mascara


  • It's pigmentation is good
  • Holds the curls
  • Staying power is good
  • Give dramatic seductive look with blue color 


  • Little Pricy
  • Sometimes clumpy eye lashes due to thick texture
  • Take time to dry




Yes, definitely I'll buy it again if there can be more colour variety can added like Red I'll buy that too.

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I won't not cry for you, My Mascara's too expensive.


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