Forest Essentials DELICATE FACIAL CLEANSER Purifying Soya Milk Review

Hi My Angels,
First step towards beautiful skin is cleansing.The cleanser should be so Ayurvedic which can clean your face without damaging its natural oils and beauty.My chemical free pure ayurvedic choice non other than Forest Essentials DELICATE FACIAL CLEANSER Purifying Soya Milk.Which is so soft on my skin gives natural glow.
Forest Essentials Delicate facial Cleanser Purifying Soya Milk

Product Claims:

Authentic Ayurvedic Formulation
Fortified with Soya protein and botanical extract,this formula is ideal for cleansing and removing make-up and impurities.Soya amino acids promote moisture retention,elasticity and firmness.


Use with cotton wool to wipe face and eye make-up.Repeat if necessary.Rinse with water.Pat dry.

Key Ingredients:

Forest Essentials Delicate Facial Cleanser Purifying Soya Milk

Price:1050/- for 200 ML


It comes in plastic bottle easy to carry. It comes with pump cap on it  which makes it easy to take generous amount of product without dipping your fingers in tub.


Its colour is White.
Texture is Runny.
Fragrance is lavender which is soft and soothing.

Forest Essentials Delicate Facial Cleanser Purifying Soya Milk 

My Experience:

I applied once in a day before bed time I just apply generous amount of cleanser on all over my face, massage on my face for 1-2 sec., leave it for 1 sec. and Take moist cotton wool Wipe off all my make up with this.This feels so good on skin .
*Its non greasy .
*Its Paraben free.
*Its so light on face clean it without damaging natural oils of skin.
*It doesn't make my skin dry after using.
*Suitable for all skin types.
*Consistency is runny which makes it easy to spread over face easily.

Forest Essentials Delicate Facial Cleanser Purifying Soya Milk


Little pricey.

Overall Rating:


Buy it on Amazon

 Yes I'll definitely recommend it again. 

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New Year Resolutions,How to stick to get in shape

Hi My Angels,

Everybody must have some resolutions this year too,Every year we all think about some resolutions,But only few are who can be stick to their resolutions.One of the most common resolution .

Most difficult to follow this resolution to get in shape here's video where you can see how to stick to your resolution to get in shape

watch the video Comments and suggestions are always welcome.


Weight Loss /Healthy diet plan for weight loss

Hi my Angels,

Today everybody is fighting with one Question in their mind :

1.Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss?
2.Weight Loss Diet?
3.Detox Drinks for Weight Loss?
4.What to eat or Drink to lose weight fast?
5.How to get slim ?

Here are some Easy and Simple Low fat Breakfast to help in reducing weight.but first you should avoid Junk Foods at any cost.Drink lots of Water .

Please watch the video .Your Suggestions and Comments are always Welcome


Shalife Plus Skin Nourishing Program Review

hi My Angels,

Today's review is about Shalife Plus Skin Nourishing Program.I usually go for facials just occasionally on functions etc. But I  do face massage once or twice a week to give my skin healthy routine and glow which is necessary for healthy skin as after 25 of age  you need to take care of your skin more  because of signs of ageing will start slowly slowly.

Shalife Plus Skin Nourishing Program 

Product Says:

Enhanced by precious plant ingredients and specialized techniques,this luxurious formula for normal to dry skin is ultimate in skin is the ultimate in skin nourishment .With a built-imollient system,enriched with natural anti-oxidants,it strengthens the supportive tissue and improves skin elasticity. Designed to porcelain the skin,it improves moisture content and vitality,giving the skin a smooth youthful texture and radiant glow.


Ingredient List

Quantity:  60 g

Price:   700/-

Fragrance and Texture:

Its fragrance is like wheat germ creams but yes I like the fragrance very soothing.Texture is very thick,and its colour is white.

Directions for use:

Apply on the face and massage on the skin with a few drops of water for three to five minutes,using outwards and slightly upwards strokes.Wipe off with moist cotton wool.

Shelf Life: 3 Year of Manufacturing 

My Experience with Shalife Plus Skin Nourishing Program :

I usually give quick massage to my face twice a week. to maintain its texture and glow.This cream is too good to get good results, first of all this cream is for those who need quick and less time consuming massage because it says massage for three to five minutes but I give five minutes massage with my hands using  upward storks.Which is enough to give instant fresh glow to my face.It texture is too thick that you can not use it as without water because of its thickness,I generally use Toner you can use few drops of  Rose Water or water to massage your face.It doesn't give any dry patches after massage.

Who wants long massage like facials are for 20 min. times massage,this product is not for them as it absorbs in skin so quickly that you don't need to wipe off with moist cotton wool.After massaging my skin becomes so soft supple natural glowing no oiliness on  face can  seen.I felt like elasticity of my face enhanced and texture of my skin increased,My skin felt like moisturised fully.This is suitable for normal to dry skin.

Pros :

* Instant fresh glow,moist,
*Less time consuming for instant massage
*No harsh chemicals yipee!!!!!!!!!!!!
* Tube packing make it hygiene


* Not suitable for those who wants long term facial massage.

Would I Recommend it:Yes

Rate: 4/5


Comments and Suggestions are always welcome.

Blossom Kochar Aroma Magic Cocoa Butter & Vanilla Body Cream Review

Hi my Angels ,

I'm back with another product review,This time its Blossom Kochar Cocoa Butter & Vanilla Body Cream.Its Winter Time and my Skin is very dry skin I always need thick Cream in winters this time my search was without chemicals and paraben please.My search ended on Blossom Kochar Cocoa Butter & Vanilla Body Cream.Because Blossom Kochar's all products are paraben ,chemical free .

Blossom Kochar Cocoa Butter & Vanilla Body Cream

Product Says:

I am 100% free of Parabens,Petrochemicals,Phthalates,Toxic Ingredients,Artificial colouring and fragrance.My hypo-allergenic formula contains ultra nourishing cocoa butter and oil of carrot seed,wheat germ and coconut improves skin elasticity and suppleness.It also prevents strech marks,heals scars and lightens blemishes.The vanilla in me is an anti oxidant emollient that leaves behind a sweet fragrance on your body.The blend of vetiver and frankincense essential oils help to reduce wrinkles and calm skin inflammations. Extracts of vitamin C,E and calendula work together to improve complexion and restore healthy skin.I am non greasy,contains SPF15 and safe for use during and after pregnancy.

 CAUTION As skin sensitivity increases during pregnancy,we advice testing the product on your skin.

Quantity: 200g

Price: 525/-

Packing:Comes in Tube 


Ingredient list

Colour,Texture and Fragrance:

Its a peachy colour and Texture is very thick  fragrance is burnt cocoa very soothing  atleast I like it.

My Experience :

I love chemical free Products as they are safe for my Skin Routine.I like it because it is a very thick  in consistency which is suitable for very dry skin specially in winters.It absorbs in skin very easily.It gives burnt cocoa fragrance but fragrance stays for 30 min. only but when you apply on your skin it really makes your skin supple and smooth moisturised.I apply on my hands,feets as well before going to bed next morning my skin says thank you to me.Because it makes my skin  so soft in the morning.

Pros :

* Thick consistency good for very dry skin.
*Absorbed in skin.
*safe in  and after pregnancy.
*Paraben free! chemical free ! yipeeeee


It comes in Tube, some times difficult to get the cream after pressing so much may be due to air filled   

Will I Recommend to Purchase:

Yes definitely I recommend it.



Suggestions and Comments are always welcome.

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