How to reduce weight in few weeks

How to reduce weight .Today's modern generation is obsess about weight loose.You have to make some changes in your daily routine to reduce weight.

First is your diet.It should  be moderate
* No JUNK FOODS for at least one month.
*Drink lots of water 2-3 liter.
*Avoid all whites .(White bread,wheat ,rice etc.)
* Eat very light dinner i.e. fruits,nuts,milk.

Try this simple drink.1 tablespoon honey ,add to one glass of water,than add one or half lemon according to glass size .Drink it daily morning on an empty stomach .

Lemon has Excellent source of Vitamin C and it's amazing Antioxidant   which helps in Digestion and strength your immune system.It's increase your metabolism rate which helps to burns your calorie fast.You will be happy to see the results continue till the time you get your desired weight.
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